Frequently Asked Questions

What Orthotics can you make?

We can 3D Print Hard and Soft Orthotic insoles. We also 3D Print a Custom Orthotic thong called COFFS. The thong makes a great cross-sell to clients who require insoles as it enables them to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of custom Orthotics even when they are wearing open footwear.

What materials do you use?

For Hard Orthotics we use an ABS or Polypropylene polymer. For Soft Orthotics we use a number of different grades of rubber.

How long does it take to produce the Orthotics?

Once we receive the design file we can produce Orthotics within a few hours. We offer a standard overnight service to podiatrists.

How much do the Orthotics cost?

The Orthotics are charged based on the material used to produce them. Prices start at $1.99 per cm3. A pair of custom Hard Orthotic Insoles will usually cost around $80.

Is there a limit on the design of an Orthotic?

Absolutely not, one of the major benefits of 3D Printing is that complexity comes for free. You can even add text or logos to the Orthotics so that the customer knows where to go for a replacement.

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  • Custom 3D Printed Orthotic Insoles and Footwear with smarts

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    • Hard and Soft Orthotics
    • Custom Orthotic Thongs
    • Smart Sensors
    • Highest Quality & Accuracy Available
  • Why not bring your Architectural models to life?

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