Frequently Asked Questions

What models can you make for me?

We can turn almost any model into a living thing with our 3D Printers. Looking for a model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa with you propping it up? Or something a bit closer to home? A 3D Printed model really brings your favourite buildings to life.

How big can you make the model?

The size of the model is up to you. The 3D Printers have limitations however we can easily join multiple models together to create a really big model should you need one.

How do I make the model?

Google SketchUp is a popular tool which is also free however you can design your model in any software which can create a 3D Printing model. Alternatively we are happy to use our 3D Scanners and designers to create the model on your behalf.   

What materials do you use for modelling?

Our 3D Printers are capable of printing in a range of materials including plastic, paper and metal. If you want full colour you must go for paper however if 3 colours or less is ok we can print it in plastic for you.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out our contact form and we can call you to discuss what you need.

  • Got a lost or broken part? Let us 3D Print a replacement for you

    • Car, Motorbikes, Household, Toys, etc
    • Quick Service
    • Library of Parts
    • Scanning and Reverse Engineering
    • Multiple Materials
  • Custom 3D Printed Orthotic Insoles and Footwear with smarts

    • Next Day Service for Podiatrists
    • Hard and Soft Orthotics
    • Custom Orthotic Thongs
    • Smart Sensors
    • Highest Quality & Accuracy Available
  • Why not bring your Architectural models to life?

    • Architectural Models
    • Souvenirs and Promotions
    • Library of 3D Models
    • Scanning and Reverse Engineering
    • Plastic or Paper Colour Prints
  • Australian based 3D Printing bureau for all your "things"

    • Prototypes and final manufacturing
    • Friendly Service
    • 3D Modellers and Designers
    • Large range of 3D Printers available
    • Multiple Materials