Dyson DC25 Repair by 3D Scanning, GeoMagic Fix and 3D Printing a replacement Tool Catch

Tags: Dyson DC25, Tool Catch, 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, Geomagics, NextEngine, Makerbot Replicator

A recent Parts2Print job required a replacement part for a Dyson DC25. The part in question is known as a tool catch and is pressed to release the tools from the upright vacuum cleaner. The same tool catch is also used on the following Dyson's - DC27 DC28 DC30 DC31 DC33 DC35. If you need the same part please contact us and we can either print you one or send you the design file.

As can be seen from the following picture the part was broken at the hinge which seems to be a common problem for this particular part.

The hinge on the opposite side was ok so it was decided that a 3D Scan would be taken and that the hinge would be repaired based on the unbroken hinge.

For scanning we used the NextEngine 3D laser scanner as with the Multidrive (read turntable) we could leave the scan to run largely unattended and it should be able to produce a pretty decent mesh.

The next step was to tidy up the scan using the Next Engine Scan Studio 3D software which comes as part of the scanner package. This filled a number of the large holes, trimmed away any points which were not part of the design and generally buffed it up to give a smoother finish than the scan provided.

Once we were happy with the scan, the next step was to use the GeoMagics software to make the model watertight and to fix the broken hinge. We also decided that the current hinge design by Mr Dyson is a bit poor so we improved it to make it stronger by adding extra support along the weak spot. Once this was all complete we extracted an stl file which was ready for 3D Printing. 

Now it was time to print it. As we wanted a strong final part which would stand the test of time and do a better job than the Dyson part we decided to print using one of our FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D Printers using ABS plastic. Our Makerbot Replicator prints object at 100 microns so we decided to use it to its full capability. The final part looks great don't you agree?


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